Stand out from the crowd, gain recognition for your work,and generate buzz for your title by entering your book in the 2015 Books That Fit Book Awards. First call for 2015 opens January 1st. 2015. 
                       First Call January 1st - April 30th. 
                                                    Second Call May 1st - August 31st. 
                                                                                Third Call September 1 - December 31st. 

Welcome to the Books That Fit Book Awards, recognizing exceptional books that make a 
difference to our world. Traditional and independent publishers, self-published authors are eligible to apply. Ebook publications are also welcome. Great writing, superb book design and outstanding illustration are honored in over 50 categories.
There are three entry submission sessions per year with winners. We award at three levels of recognition;  gold, silver and bronze standings. 

All winners receive a personalized award certificate, recognition and visibility for their work on The Books That Fit Book Awards website, inclusion in our online bookstore, exposure throug our social media outlets. In addition each participant receives a package of attractive award stickers to affix to your winning title - letting the marketplace know your book is exceptional and worthwhile reading. 

                All entrants are automatically entered in the *Five Star* Best Book of the Year Award - an award that is given to the book that demonstrates excellence in writing, production, design, marketing and sales. It is the top award Books That Fit presents and the winners receives a personalized trophy and a commemorative plaque along. Ten books are awarded this prize at the end of each calendar year. 

               Ebooks are also accepted in the wide range of ebook award categories. There is no need to submit files. All ebook book submissions will be purchased from online stores by our review team. To enter in an ebook category the book must be available for purchase online. We will post a comment to the online store when the review panel has received the ebook and review complete.  

The Books That Fit Book Awards are international and open to all eligible authors and publications.  All books submitted must have an assigned IBSN and be a published work currently available to readers.  The publication date is not restrictive. 

There are over a million new titles published each year and winning an award is a great way to put the focus on your work.  Make this the year to shine by winning an award !

                                          What you need to know to Get Started!

                       Books That Fit Book Awards are open to all publishers and authors who are looking to receive recognition for their work. Give your publicity and promotional efforts a boost with the news - " I have won a Books That Fit Book Award ". Everyone loves success and news will travel fast and help to generate sales and a growing following to your work.  

                                The Books That Fit Book Awards Review Program with Free Books. 

                      In addition to the benefits of winning an award, all entrants to the Books That Fit Book Awards are also automatically eligible to receive 3 free books. The Books That Fit Review Program is a great way to make valuable industry connections and further promote your titles. The Books That Fit Review Program is an innovative tool to get additional feedback that you can use for media releases, online posts and book jackets and promotional materials. 
                     Ever submission for the book awards must be accoompanied by a copy of the published work. This review copy will be handed to our panel for award consideration. Three additional copies are also submitted. These will be made available to other entrants who have agreed to offer a reviews in exchange for receiving the three free books. The Books That Fit Book Awards team will select three books that for the reviewer to enjoy.  We ship out three review books free of charge after we have received the application form.  After you have had the chance to read and review the book we welcome your comment and a brief review of the works which we will forward to the authors or publisher of the titles. We also accept and ship out review copies to online established bloggers, media contacts and give-away public promotion programs on requent. Unfortunately due to demand we can not receive requests for specific titles for the Free Book Program, however on the entry form you can specify your areas of interest and we will do our best to match books to the genre of your own book or to match to your interests. Reviews are requested to be provided at the reviewers earliest convenience. Every review helps both the books author and gives the author writing the review another opportunity to promote their own work. * Remember to include your name and the title of your own book in your review.  We will also post reviews to the online bookstore on The Books That Fit Book Awards website. 

                   Complete submissions quidelines and deadlines are available on the tab at the top of this page titled Enter Now.  There are three submission cycles and we encourage you to submit as soon as you have a printed book in your hands or an ebook ready to take live online. Winning a book award is a great tool that can take the visibility of your title to new heights. 
                   Join us now and let us help you grow your readership with Books That Fit Book Awards. 
                   We look forward to hearing from you. 

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